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Confidentiality is crucial to our business. Your memories are yours, not ours, and we treat them with the utmost respect.

You may have noticed that not each of our services pages has a video attached. This is because we respect the desires of our clients. The videos that reside on our web site are here because a client was willing to share, with you the general public, their remembrance piece. We thank them for their willingness to help promote our work.

We do not require your piece to be included on this site, ever! Should you enjoy the process and are satisfied with your piece we may ask if we can include it on one of our pages but rest assured we always accept No for an answer.

Please enjoy these pieces. They have been compressed and so do not come across the internet in the same quality you will receive on your DVD. Some of these pieces are large file sizes and so may take a few minutes to view.


A surprise gift on your memorable day!


The celebration of your loved one's life!

Self Expressions ~ with Dr. Susan Rangitsch

"Especially for you..."
"For the Children"

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"The process was incredibly easy!"

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I asked Linda to create a video for my marriage celebration. I live 2000 miles away and wondered how it would work to have someone so far away create something like this for me. The process was incredibly easy! When that first draft came I was amazed! And in tears.

~ Julie T. ~ Mosinee,WI